Buah Merah oil

Buah Merah (or Pandanus Conoideus) is a fruit native to Papua, Indonesia. Buah Merah contains the highest antioxidant levels in the world.

How it's made

Buah Merah fruits are harvested from a specific location with high minerals in Papua that are naturally maintained to produce Buah Merah. Buah Merah oil is extracted through a patented modern technology process while maintaining its virgin purity using a strict quality control.

Buah Merah Oil is rich in anitoxidants, carotene, Alpha Tocopherol, Selenium and Omega 3, 6 & 9.

What it's used for

Buah Merah Oil is used to boost the immune system as it has the highest amount of anti oxidants in the plant world (69.500 ORAC, more than double the amount of goji berries and almost seven times the amount of acai berries!)

Buah Merah Oil can also promote hair growth and is therefore used most often for hair oils and shampoo. Traditionally it is used for skin and eye medication. Due to the deep red colour, it is also used as a natural colouring agent.


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