Our mission

Forestwise's mission is to #StopDeforestation and create #RainforestValue. We do this by developing markets for valuable rainforest products, which creates an economic incentive that empowers local communities to keep protecting the remaining rainforest. By maintaining the rainforest, we also help to conserve wildlife, safeguard fresh water supplies and prevent floods and droughts.

Our impact
So far, Forestwise has forest protection agreements in place with 6 villages in West Kalimantan, for a combined forest area of 36.000 hectares. We have increased the average annual income by 16% for over 1,000 raw material collectors. We aim is to keep adding villages to this list, increasing the area of forest protected to 500.000 hectares and reaching 10,000 beneficiaries by the year 2030. With your support, we can engage with many more communities and reach these goals.

Our products have certifications such as Fair for Life (by Ecocert), Organic (by Ecocert and SKAL), COSMOS (by Ecocert) and Halal (by MUI).
Forestwise is also a proud member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) since 2021.

About us

Forestwise was founded in 2018 in the Netherlands. We have our own production facility (PT Forestwise Wild Keepers) which is located in Sintang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. PT Forestwise Wild Keepers is a full subsidiary company to Forestwise Netherlands.

Theo Smits and Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn met in 2013, when they were both working for an Indonesian non-governmental organisation. Theo moved to Indonesia in 2007, looking for ways to share his 30-years of experience and extensive production technology knowledge with people in less developed areas.

Dirk-Jan moved to Indonesia in 2013, together with his partner Alexandra Vosmaer. Alexandra got an assignment to work with the endangered orangutans in Borneo, and Dirk-Jan decided to join to pursue opportunities in Indonesia in community development.

In the following years, Theo and Dirk-Jan witnessed at first hand the destruction caused by massive deforestation in Borneo. In 2018, they decided to set up their own social enterprise, Forestwise, to empower the local inhabitants to protect the remaining rainforest.

Forestwise does this by producing Rainforest ingredients, creating more value for forest communities while increasing the value of the forest as a natural resource, and providing genuinely sustainable alternatives for consumers around the world.

Our team

We are a team of professional all-rounders who are committed to creating #RainforestValue in order to sustain the rainforest in Borneo.

Ripka Apriyanti

Finance Staff

Herkulanus Aming

Security staff

Flekurius Anom

Production staff

Matius Mustofo Asen

Security Staff


Production Staff

Martin Davidson

Factory Manager

Maretta Dewi

Finance Manager

Marselus Julung

Maintenance Coordinator

Oktaviana Intan Maharani

HRD and Legal Staff


Production Staff

Petrus Deni Kurniawan

Security Staff

Martinus Minto


Alexander van Oord

Head of Business Development

Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn

Co-founder and CEO


Finance staff

Marcha Adiwara Prawita

Project Manager

Calvinosius Rasula

Security Staff

Wahyuni Shalatan

Technical sales and formulator

Tohonan Agus Sirait


Theo Smits

Co-founder and CTO

Alexandra Vosmaer


Riyanto Vrio

Warehouse & Logistics Coordinator

Albert Yeremiah

Accounting Staff

Our advisory board

Dominique Lecossois

Senior Board Advisor

Kemal Juffie for Panos Pictures/Food and Land Use Coalition

PT Forestwise Wild Keepers

The Forestwise entity in Indonesia is named PT Forestwise Wild Keepers. In February 2020 we opened our own factory in Sintang (West-Kalimantan) to produce raw ingredients which are harvested from the areas around Sintang.

PT Forestwise Wild Keepers employs 20 - 50 Indonesian staff (depending on the season), who work in production, buying of raw materials, finance management and CSR activities.

Our partners in conserving the wild rainforest:

Our partners in bringing our products to the market: