New Illipe nut season 2020 - Invest in guaranteed Illipe supply for 2020-2022

November 23, 2020

A new illipe harvest season is coming in Q1 2020! To make the most of this once in 3 years opportunity, Forestwise now gives you the opportunity to invest in your guaranteed supply of Illipe butter for 2020-2022.

WHY investing in Illipe nuts now?

  • Illipe nut harvest only occurs once every 3 years, so this is the chance to guarantee your supply of Illipe butter in the upcoming 3 years. In January-March 2020 there is a harvesting season.
  • Forestwise will secure that your product is always available and that the price is fixed for 3 years of the Illipe butter.
  • Illipe is a natural moisturizer and great for making body lotions, soaps, lip & body balms.
  • Illipe is chemically comparable with shea and cocoa butter with a slightly higher melting point.
  • For each 1000 kg of illipe butter, 13.5 hectares of rainforest is helped to preserve for the next 3 years.
  • By investing in Illipe nuts you help the local forest communities in Borneo to preserve their rainforest.

HOW does it work with regards to prepayment?

  1. Invest 50% of the costs now to buy Illipe nuts.
  2. The local forest communities harvest the illipe nuts from the regions around Sintang.
  3. Forestwise will organise the collection, the quality control and the conservation of the nuts.
  4. When you wish to receive the Illlipe butter, give a sign to Forestwise, pay the remaining 50% and Forestwise will press the nuts and ship it to your desired location.

WHEN is the deadline for subscription?

  • We would need confirmation before the 31st of January 2020. The harvesting season is in January - March.
  • Shelf life: We can supply you with the Illipe butter from 2020 - 2022.

COSTS EXAMPLE (this is a just an example, costs differ per order quantity)

  • The total cost of 1 kg Illipe butter is around 9 EURO, so for 3000 kg that would be 27,000  EURO.
  • If you invest in 3000 kg of Illipe butter, the cost are 13,500 EURO for the nuts. You first pay this to Forestwise, we pay the local communities, arrange the harvesting and thquality checks.
  • You pay the remaining 13,500 EURO when you want to receive the Illipe butter and we ship it to the desired location*

* Cost are CIF Jakarta, excluding shipment

Please send en email to if you are interested.


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