Lush Cosmetics testimonial on collaboration with Forestwise

November 23, 2020

We are proud to share with you the testimonial we received from our customer Lush Cosmetics North America, on their collaboration with Forestwise. We supply Lush Cosmetics North America with our decolorised illipe butter. A year ago, the buying team visited our production site and the supplier locations in the forest during the illipe nut harvest time.

When making sourcing decisions, positive environmental and social impact are key metrics. We’ve been working with Forestwise on illipe butter since 2019 and their business model based on forest conservation through community collaboration has continued to impress. During our first visit in 2019 it was clear the care that has gone into cultivating relationships with partner communities. Their transparency in operating, commitment to continual improvement and willingness to collaborate has made them an incredibly valued supplier.

Jesse Pretty

Buying – Lush Cosmetics North America

Why formulators love illipe butter

Illipe butter is best known for its moisturising efficacy and high melting point. This makes it an ideal ingredient for solid formulations — such as lotion bars, shampoo bars, lipsticks, face masks, and bar soap. This is especially useful for brands looking to tap into the sustainable packaging trend, as much less packaging is needed for these solid products.


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