10/5/2019 Illipe nuts season!

December 6, 2019

It has been a while (three years to be eaxct) since the last large illipe nut season. We work directly with the illipe nut collectors and have contracted over 500 farmers in 20 villages, all accross the province of West Kalimantan. One harvest provides one family the equivalent of 5 months income, in just one month time.

This income boost provides farmers with the opportunity to make investments without having to take a loan. We see examples of people using it for buying solar panels, house repairs or school tuition fees. In one village people even stopped their gold mining activities and switch to collecting illipe nut instead!


Listen about the Forestwsie story on the podcast of Voices.earth

Podcast interview on voices.earth (20-Dec-2019)

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New Illipe nut season 2020 - Invest in guaranteed Illipe supply for 2020-2022

Forestwise now gives you the opportunity to invest in your guaranteed Illipe butter supply for 2020-2022. If you are interested in securing your supply of Illipe butter for the upcoming 3 years, please check out how it works!

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Meet us Suppliers' Day in New York 2020 - May 5-6

The Suppliers' Day is the leading trade show & conference in beauty and personal care ingredients, raw materials and formulations in North-America. Meet us at Booth 2100!

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