Forestwise interviewed by Cosmetics Design Asia on the rising demand of illipe butter for solid skincare formulations

March 6, 2022

Forestwise was interviewed by Cosmetics Design on the rise in demand for illipe butter for use in solid skincare applications, from brands joining sustainable packaging trend. Solid applications like lotion bars, shampoo bars, soap bars are on the rise, as more and more brands are developing solid formulations that need to plastic container, hence making considerable savings on the amount of plastic used in their plastic packaging. Read the full article through this link


DKSH Partners with Forestwise for Several Key Markets in Western Europe

Forestwise has started a new partnership with DKSH, an innovative provider of sustainable products from rainforests, for the personal care industry in several key markets in Western Europe

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Forestwise exhibits at Cosmetic Business Live in May - come join us

Forestwise exhibits at Cosmetic Business Live in May

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Forestwise goes OnScent in the USA

New partners for Forestwise in the USA. We're pleased to announce that Forestwise has signed an agreement with OnScent in New Jersey to develop our range of sustainably sourced rainforest oils, butters and sugars into the US personal care market.

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