Forestwise interviewed by Cosmetics Design Asia on the rising demand of illipe butter for solid skincare formulations

August 19, 2020

Forestwise was interviewed by Cosmetics Design on the rise in demand for illipe butter for use in solid skincare applications, from brands joining sustainable packaging trend. Solid applications like lotion bars, shampoo bars, soap bars are on the rise, as more and more brands are developing solid formulations that need to plastic container, hence making considerable savings on the amount of plastic used in their plastic packaging. Read the full article through this link


Income increase from the rainforest

Forestwise helps to maintain the wild rainforest by empowering villagers to protect and conserve what’s theirs. In doing so, Forestwise generates employment and income for local inhabitants.

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Forestwise Launches Refined Organic Illipe Butter

Forestwise, supplier of quality raw ingredients that are sustainably sourced from Indonesian rainforests, now offers organic- and Fair for Life-certified, refined, bleached, and deodourised (RBD) Illipe butter.

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Video Virgin Coconut Oil processing

We have just released a video that shows the production process of our premium cold pressed virgin coconut oil. Click the link below to experience the process for yourself! 

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