Forestwise closes forest protection agreements with villages supplying illipe nuts

February 18, 2021

At Forestwise, our main goal is to stop deforestation. We do this by creating, what we call, #rainforestvalue. Amongst others, this means creating monetary value from products that are sustainably collected from the rainforest. These products are collected by the people who live in remote villages that are located in the middle of the forest, close to the locations where for example illipe nuts can be collected. In an effort to make our agreement and collaboration with these villages and the illipe nut collectors more formal and to stress our common goal, to protect the forest, Forestwise has closed agreements with four villages to protect their forests. In return for this commitment, Forestwise commits to keep buying their rainforest products. The total area protected under this agreement, in these four villages, covers 26.635 hectares. Through this way, Forestwise introduced a novel way of rainforest conservation, while at the same time creates employment and economic opportunities. This is just the first step in our journey. Over the coming years, Forestwise aims to add many more villages to the list of agreements and protect many more hectares of rainforest. By 2025, we aim to have formal forest protection agreements in place for all of the 200.000 hectares where our illipe nuts are collected.


Forestwise exhibits at Cosmetic Business Live in May - come join us

Forestwise exhibits at Cosmetic Business Live in May

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Forestwise was interviewed by The Chemical Daily from Japan about our approach to conserve the rainforests in Borneo. Read a snapshot of the article here or click on the link below for the full article (subscription required).

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